Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome Baby Chase!

Chase Owen Atcher

Wednesday July 13th, 7:43 pm

7 pounds 15 ounces, 20 inches long

Both mommy and baby are doing fine.

We thank everyone for their support and love.

Monday, June 13, 2011

We're back...

It's been a long wait, but we're back to the blog. With our new phones, equipped with facebook, we've gotten neglectful of our blog. So, now we're back.

The latest: Landon will be two in just a few weeks, and will be a big brother shortly after that. We are very excited to add another little boy to the family.

We've wrapped up another school year, and are enjoying our summer- spending time on the golf course and on the lake.

Adam and I have had a year of new jobs - Adam is now with KFB as an adjuster, and I will be teaching 7th grade at TKStone Middle starting in August. We're both very excited to get all the new adventures started.

Landon goes golfing with Daddy and Pappy regularly. He just loves to make the ball go "BOOM"!

Landon and Adam at the Zoo. Landon takes Ashley every year for mother's day.

We put a pool on Granddad's boat for Landon, he jumps repeatedly! Love this!!

We'll be back with more updates. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!
Happy 10 Months Landon!

Today, Landon took me to the zoo for Mothers Day. We had a wonderful time and the weather was outstanding. Adam hadn't been to the zoo in years, so this was a great experience for all three of us.

Daddy, Me & Mommy outside the elephant exhibit. Baby Scotty wasn't out today, we even went to check twice! But that's ok, we saw lots of other animals.

A really big giraffe, mommy & me. (Landon watched the giraffe for several minutes, talking to him and pointing. I believe we could have taken him home!)

We saw a pair of bald eagles (nesting) on loan from the government. They had been injured in a shooting and each only had one useable wing. The eagles were beautiful, and there was one egg on her nest. Did you know it is illegal to sell any part of a bald eagle? (even the feathers!)

Daddy walked me through the bamboo... I LOVED IT!

Me and daddy watching the lion. ROAR!

As Landon gets older, our lives keep getting more busy. I'd like to thank all of the people who have helped get us this far. Adam and I have the most amazing moms, and we thank you for all you've done over the years. And for all that you've put up with! Strong women with strong hearts. We love you!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We're Going on 9 Months...

And mommy's not very good at keeping up with our blog!

So it's been a little crazy around here lately. Between keeping up with the house and work, we're also keeping up with a speedy crawler. Landon's been crawling since just before he turned 8 months old and he's never looked back! His newest adventures include trying to climb the stairs, disappearing from room to room, and attempting to squeeze through the door before it closes.

In the last few months Landon has been baptised and met his Cousin Will (Laura's son). We've been cheering on the Cats to their Elite 8 appearance, and teaching Landon all that is Kentucky Basketball. He's learned the John Wall Dance, C-A-T-S cheer, and of course On, On, U of K. (none of which he can do on his own... but we like to pretend!)

We've had a big month with the family: Amelia got a new bike and has probably biked 1,000 miles in Aunt Jo's neighborhood & Uncle Jason finished his degree in Criminal Justice. Cousin Joe is 5-0 to start the tennis season. Nana, Aunt Pam, & Uncle Brett have all gotten a year older this month. Shew... I need a nap!
Now, what you've been waiting for... LTA Month 9
Our Sweet Boy. Always Happy.
Landon's Baptism 2.28.10
~A Special Thanks to all who came~
Trying to get to the computer.
He loves the screen saver.

Will & Landon
He wears his hat everywhere!

Our UK photo session. (That's Bluee Dogg's nose)

Aww... Look at those teeth!

#1 Wildcat Fan!

~Thanks to my mom for the great pictures!! ~

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Better Late than Never! LTA MONTH 4

Well, I may be a little late with this update... but here it is.

Landon Tyler Atcher --> MONTH 4
13 lbs 8 oz 22.5in long. Healthy & Happy

This month's milestones -- we find our hands, roll over, and laugh out loud.

Laughing at Pappy with Nana (Shipp)

Ohhhh.... C - A - T - S - Cats! Cats! Cats!
Tummy Time... gotta get strong!

Hanging out with GiGi & Grandad (Atcher)

He loves his bath.

Oh yeah, he found his thumb too. Joy Joy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

All Smiles :)

Landon is all smiles!! Happy 3 Months, little man!

Landon gets a new Aunt!

Landon got a new aunt on September 26th. Uncel Brett married Trisha Walton (MI) at Danville Country Club. The wedding was beautiful and we all had a great time. We are very happy to have Trisha as part of the Atcher Clan! Brett and Trisha went to Jamaica on their honeymoon and brought Landon back an awesome drum and a cute-as-can-be bib! He loves them both. Not sure how much I'll love the drum once he learns how to bang away! :)